Europa House

During the academic year (fall and spring semesters), any full-time student attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign or Parkland College may live here; however, we give preference to University of Illinois students. Over the summer, graduate students and visiting faculty members are also welcome.

During the academic year, 88 students live here; in the summer, the number of students, postgraduates and faculty is somewhat lower.

Academic year housing materials are usually available late in the previous calendar year, usually by December. Summer housing materials are published in the preceding spring.

During the academic year, typically around a third are freshmen, about the same are sophomores, and the balance are juniors and seniors (with the occasional graduate student). Over the summer, we have a wider range of residents, with more older students and postgraduates.

Please contact us a few days in advance to schedule a personal tour; we generally schedule visits for the afternoon, both on weekdays and on weekends.

For the academic year, we require a $500 security deposit; the required security deposit for summer stays is $300.

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2019 spring semester
2019 summer TBA

The $200 application fee will be refunded upon request, minus a $50 handling fee (otherwise, it forms part of the security deposit). Once you sign a housing lease, the refunds are governed by the terms of the lease – please download the lease PDF for details.

Since we do not serve any meals, you may, at your discretion, sign up for an optional meal plan at a nearby (two to three blocks) cafeteria, either at the Hendrick House, a Certified residence, or at the Illinois Street or Lincoln Avenue University residence halls. Nearly all our residents find it more convenient to make use of their own suite’s modern kitchen — food is not included in the rent.

While access to the Internet is included in the rent, other utilities are not included; they currently average around $90/month per person, plus variable telephone and cable/DSS (satellite) TV fees if you would like to sign up for those services. Parking is available for an extra fee. Over the summer, some utilities are included (if they do not exceed a utility expense allowance); please refer to the summer section for details.

The expense is less at the Europa House, even when you add in the expense of utilities and meals, which we do not include, whereas the residence halls require that you sign up for them.

Incoming freshmen may switch housing contracts between a University of Illinois residence hall and any Certified residence participating in the "Reciprocal Agreement" any time up to the start of the fall semester or November for the succeeding spring semester (upperclassmen face earlier deadlines; please download our lease's PDF for details). Please contact us to learn how it’s done.

We will be happy to enable groups of two, three or four friends (of the same gender) to live together in the same suite. For individuals and smaller groups, we refer to a "Roommate Survey" that all residents complete, indicating their habits, lifestyle and preferences. For the academic year, suite assignments are made and announced early in the preceding summer.

Standard occupancy is two residents per bedroom, we do offer single bedroom occupancy, as well. If renting a room as a single, the second bed cannot be removed from the room. Both beds, however, can be pushed together to create a full-size bed.

Each of our suites has its own, private, bathroom. Some other facilities share bathrooms among two or more suites, hence the term "semi-private."

In addition to bicycle racks, we offer every resident the opportunity to reserve a parking space in our garage. Currently, parking costs $300 per semester, or $150 for the Summer Session II; for larger vehicles, a few surface parking spaces are also available.

We supply major furniture and appliances. As described in the suggested packing list sent to all new residents, academic year residents should bring items like clocks, lamps, wastepaper baskets, small kitchen appliances (blenders, toasters, etc.), kitchen utensils (pots & pans, silverware, plates, glasses, etc.), bed linens and cleaning supplies. For shorter-term summer residents, we can supply basic kitchen utensils (see above), wastepaper baskets, bed linens and the like.

As a matter of health and safety, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside our buildings; all residents must agree to abide by this policy. Furthermore, whenever possible, we seek to match non-smokers with like-minded suite mates.

Our "Quiet Hours" run from 10 p.m. (midnight on Friday and Saturday) to 7 a.m.; in the week before and during final examinations, they are enforced around-the-clock.

Residents are responsible for the conduct of their visitors and should escort them when inside the buildings (our exterior doors are locked). While we do not have any "curfews," visitors may not stay overnight without our written permission, nor without the consent of all suite mates

The "Suites Rules" and "Studio Lofts Rules," by which residents must abide, cover a range of topics that promote safety, the non-infringement on others' rights, the protection of property and the adherence to local and state laws. Please ask for a copy.