2018 Summer Reservation

To apply online, please complete and submit the 2019 Summer Apartments Reservation, as well as review the 2019 Summer Apartments Lease and 2019 Summer Europa House Apartments Rules.

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Please first click on the "Read the Lease & Rules" or "Download the Lease & Rules" buttons before submitting your application.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the "Europa House Apartments Lease" and "Europa House Apartments Rules." I understand that I will be asked to sign a printed copy of the lease shown here as a PDF file. I hereby affirm that the information given in my application is to the best of my knowledge, complete and correct. The printed copy will also be signed by the parent or guardian of a Student under 21 years of age. The Parent or Guardian signing guarantees the full observance of this lease and of any revised or continued lease to be observed by the Student and waives demand, notice of protest and notice of any changes, renewals, modifications or default by the Student.

Thank you for your interest in the Europa House. We will review your reservation and reply soon.×
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